We're settled!

It's been almost a year since we moved to Amsterdam, and it took us only 8 months (ha, yes, sarcasm, there it is) to find a flat where the space does not limit us, but almost pushes us to grow.

Grow on many levels, personal, professional, intellectual. And as a brand! Hanging Petals has its own room, its own space that's constrained by walls which feels more like hugs than squashing barriers.

Until June we managed the whole company (and our lives along with it - oh, a struggle) from a tiny space of an attic of an 17th century typical Amsterdam Jordaan house, with a small window right next to our bedroom (if we assumed that it's squeezing a bed in a corner of a flat that creates the semblance of what bedroom should be), and ceiling beams eerily hanging right above our heads, so each excitement jump had a possibility of ending with a bump.

Now, we are lucky (if luck can be just achieved by trying hard enough) to be able to find respite in proving Hanging Petals with is own space, own room. How joyous it is to see flowers hanging in organized way, waiting to be fully dried. How enjoyable it is to be able to have enough space to create flower arrangements without bumping into furniture.

How relaxing it is to not feel the constant threat of a flower being squashed under our feet by making a false step.

How civilized it feels to finish (or even not finish, and just leave it to pick it up the next day) work, close the door and go to the living room to read.

Virginia Woolf always stressed the importance of having 'a room of one's own' which is fully dedicated to whatever activity one wants, where mind (and hands) can focus on work.

The pandemic forced everyone into life of adjustments we didn't necessarily want. The story of working from home isn't new and find its presence in the reality of many.

Now, more than ever, when life often limits us to be at home more than we ever wished, having enough space to conduct it (yes, because reality often feels like we're conducting it like a complicated orchestra tune), is not only necessary but also beneficial to our mental health, clear mind and proficiency of our work.