The idea for Hanging Petals came to us a few months ago, when the world was taking a breath after the first lockdown. By the time the second one came and locked us all in our houses, the Hanging Petals vision became more palpable and as it was taking its shape, we have been growing along with it. Creating, of any sort, a brand, painting, even of a sentence, may be a challenge, and that rule applied also to Hanging Petals. We had a vision and ideas, bursting in our mind with possibilities and simultaneously the same ambitious visions created unexpected hurdles. We’ve lost track a few times about what our goals were and what we are trying to do, because adding something to the world, means changing it, as well as changing ourselves. As much as you want to stay the same, the plans you make change you and readjust your ideas.

There's also an important element of other people. We meet people who share our vision but also those who don't understand it, or expect us to steer our beliefs into their own, to mirror them. Every so often we try to sit down and discuss where we’re at, where we want to go, if we are still following our goals, how do we keep up with our brands philosophy.

What are our goals and beliefs?

Upcycling and creating long lasting dried flowers

Sustainability and minimalising the waste

Relying on natural processes

Thinking outside of the box

Showing a new side to what dried flowers are and can be

Collaborating and creating genuine connections

We have been wanting to create a photoshoot for hanging petals for quite a while. But the idea of doing something that we have seen before didn’t attract us. We both have different backgrounds and interests in life, photography is one of the things that we both have in common. What we wanted to create with this photoshoot was something that we had not seen before. We wanted to create something bold, with popping colors, young and wild. Which is how we envision our bouquets and flower composition.

We were happy to collaborate with our model Jasmine, who fully encapsulated our ideas and visions of what this photoshoot should be, and once she grabbed the flowers and took the control. The whole day was very fun and felt joyous, especially since lately the days have been grey, so seeing the morning sun and having it brighten our moods felt just right.

We hope you guys enjoy the results of our first model photoshoot, as we ourselves - are proud of it.

Let us know what you think!

Matt and Romain