who is hanging petals ?

basic shape, hangingpetals.com

Flowers have always been present in my life, either through poetry, rotting decadent petals, or physically, with my mum decorating the whole house with beautiful fresh bouquets.

The sentimental need that always made me want to hold on to fleeting moments, resulted in hanging all those flowers around to dry, to always stay with me.

Hanging Petals is the expression of my beliefs in sustainability and slow life as well as a faith in the ability in creating a business that stands for beauty and honest values. 

I'm matt, I studied philosophy and literature in New York, and while books and theatre have been my intellectual harbours, moving to Amsterdam opened me to new ideas of business and creating aswell as participating in communities of artists.

basic shape, hangingpetals.com

I first really discovered dried Flowers with Matt, you should have seen his house, it was full of it !

The first bouquet I dried is a bouquet that I had received as a gift a couple weeks before I went on a long holiday. When I came back it had dried beautifully in its vase. I didn't want to throw it out! 

I don't think I really got the idea of "dried flowers" until this point, I had developed some type of emotional attachment to the flowers. 

My name is Romain, I studied Pastry in France where I believe I was able to channel a lot of my creativity. I currently work as a Barista and I am studying photography in Amsterdam.

I am super excited to see Hanging Petals develop, the idea of being able to save flowers, create something beautiful and furthermore being able to make this company as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible is absolutely amazing!