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Hanging Petals is a small local company that provides upcycled dried flowers arrangements to the city of Amsterdam.

We're Eco-friendly, sustainable and always only working with unbleached flowers.
We believe that flowers life cycle is longer than often perceived. For us, with time, they evolve into impressive and unique items of art. Drying them only naturally we preserve their individuality, creating unique arrangements and bouquets.

Each flower has their own story to tell and will always be different.

We let the same attitude to guide us on our Hanging Petals adventure.

Our goal is to join beauty with environmental consciousness, therefore dry flowers to preserve them and simultaneously save them from their ultimate fate - becoming a waste and in consequence affecting the environment.

All our flowers, from the big big bouquets that will decorate your tables, to the tiny ones that fit in your boutonniere, down to the single petal are natural and unbleached. Which means that they don't affect the environment when composted and in consequence you.

From the flower farmer to the picker, from the transporter to the market, from the seller to the florist, to our private homes, the flower production is a long chain of professions and markets interlocked with each other.

We aim our efforts at making sure that final stage of flower life is preserved, and instead of being simply thrown out, it finds a new way to enter our houses and decorating them.

why do I keep seeing "upcycling dried flowers"?

Ok, so you must have seen it a few times with Hanging petals, we call our dried flowers "Upcycled dried flowers", this is simply because we turn fresh flowers into their dried preserved version.

But what does that mean?

The reason we started Hanging petals, is due to the sadness we experienced at the sight of flowers being thrown out  when they start wilting, which is usually (lets be honest), only afer few days. We aimed to preserved them for longer, to be able to decorate our place in a more lasting way. Our house slowly but surely became filled with hanging flowers, every corner filled with different colours, type, texture and species of the blossoms.

Once we got more interested in the subject, it turned out that flower waste is a big problem in the flower industry and it impacts the environment heavily in a manifold of ways.

And that is how we went from passion to occupation.

The enviromental awareness has always been embedded in our minds, and we always tried (occasionally failing) to do our bit to help the situation. Either by diligent recycling, buying less of single use disposable plastics, or by replacing plastic by wooden or glass alternatives.