care instruction


you've got yourself a hanging petals dried flowers arrangement ?


 if looked after, they can last 6 month, 2 years or even more ! 

Carefully unwrap the bouquet from the paper. Up to your preferences, place it upright in a vase, hang it on your wall upward or upside down. 

trim the stem if you wish it to be slightly shorter.​​

choose a cool and dry area to store the flowers as heat and sun make the colors fade, we recommend to keep away from windows.

depending the design, we suggest keeping the string around the stems to retain the shape and the design of the arrangement.​​

moisture will weaken the stems, try to keep them away from humid environment, like your bathroom for example.​​

don't water them, or get them wet, they're happy being dried.


remember, dried flowers are very delicate and fragile, so be gentle.

fluff them delicately occasionally to get rid of dust. you can also use a hairdryer's cool air setting. 

most importantly, place it in a spot where it will look most beautiful and enjoy your timeless bouquet. ​​​